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Idea Management Process

Whether implementing a continuous improvement initiative or an innovation program into the company business strategy, three things are required for success:

  • People to contribute
  • Software to capture ideas
  • Process to facilitate development

Selecting idea management software that fully integrates into the existing digital workplace, like Microsoft Office 365, gives instant company-wide access to the collective intelligence of employees. This is where Wide Ideas has a significant advantage.However, all digital platforms / software that capture ideas need to have a systematic Idea Management Process to facilitate their development and turn them into solutions. That Idea Management Process needs to be transparent, inclusive and driven from the top to develop a company-wide culture of innovation.Working with many great and inspirational customers over the years, we have developed our own idea management process based on feedback and input.Wide Ideas features support step 1-4 and the possibility to follow up after ideas has been implemented.

  1. ASK – Open one or several channels for input
    In the admin module: The business challenge is described, idea forms configured, custom evaluation criteria set, and custom tags defined. Thereafter the challenge can be published to all or selected users through Wide Ideas Web app and/or Wide Ideas Teams app.
  2. SHARE – Engage employees to contribute ideas
    Users can engage in business challenges, publish ideas, attach images and documents, comment and like.
  3. REVIEW – Evaluate ideas providing feedback
    Ideas will be evaluated by selected subject matter experts using digital scorecards with evaluation criteria’s. Quantified user feedback (e.g. likes and comments) and AI generated rankings serve as supporting tools.
  4. SELECT – Identify ideas to move forward with
    Ideas that are meeting key business criteria according to e.g. current market conditions, ROI, scalability or timing are set to move forward. Ideas that don’t meet key business criteria’s are archived for future reference.

Our Idea Managemant Process

6. DO

Try new concepts
Implementation of new ideas

1. ASK

Insights, obstacles and perceived needs
Possible solutions
New ideas


How to find the solutions to the needs
How to implement the solutions
How to establish ideas and suggestions in the business


Identify needs
Find solutions
Gather new ideas and suggestions


Most important needs to address
The solutions with the highest value
The best ideas


Involve experts and colleagues
Assessment based on relevant parameters (value, risk, feasibility… .etc.

Read more about our Idea Management Process in the e-book Idea Managment – process for all business strategies


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