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Ambassadors and reference groups

Working with ambassadors and reference groups is positive in many aspects. Ambassadors can help you anchor the work in the organisation and act as important cultural carriers.

Ambassadors should be people who are passionate about participation, idea development and are positive. Give the ambassadors some extra valuable time to teach them Wide Ideas and your working methods properly, so that they can spread their knowledge further in the organisation.

A reference group is something we recommend all our customers to work with. A reference group should consist of people from all different parts of the business and who want to contribute their expertise, knowledge and experience. The reference group becomes a bulletin board against process owners where you can review and discuss process changes, regulations, test new approaches and methods before releasing it to the entire organisation.

A reference group should be included from day one. The reference group will also act as ambassadors in the business and will have a unique ability to "take the temp" on the business, what works and what does not work? Why was there dissatisfaction when we did this? The reference group will be able to answer many questions that would otherwise be impossible to address.


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