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Ask about the right thing

For each challenge or open idea box you publish, you will configure the idea form as well. When you configure the idea form, please think of: What do we need to know in order to evaluate and decide on ideas? Do we need eg get a clear description of the value the idea creates or which target group the idea is aimed at? In that case, you might consider having extra text fields in the idea form where employees can describe just that.

It is also possible to work with different Tag categories. This is a feature that allows you to put labels / keywords on ideas. This can be used instead of letting the employee describe it in text. In addition, every option chosen is searchable in the idea bank.

As an administrator, you choose whether to choose one or more options. Examples of tag categories that can be valuable to have in an idea form:

- Geographical areas (let the employee mark if the idea touches one or more geographical areas of your business)

- Strategic areas (let the employee highlight if the idea touches one or more strategic areas in your business)

- Target group (let the employee choose if the idea is aimed at, for example, Customers, Employees or Suppliers)

- Keywords (let the employee select keywords that the idea tangents, such as digitization, sustainability, CSR or the like)


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