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Process tips - think like this to achieve this

In order to achieve an efficient and systematic workflow, you need to try different processes and methods. There are very few businesses that hits 100% right from the start. In Wide Ideas you can always adjust the set up and the process to fit your needs. 

A good rule is to always think backwards - What do we want to achive? What is important for us to measure? Are we looking for someting special? Where do we have imbalance in the organisation? These are crucial questions that play a significant role in how e.g. an idea form should be designed or what challenges should be published.

It also depends on how you want to work with experts and decision-making groups. If you are appointed as an expert and / or decision maker within a challenge or an open idea box, you will get the ideas that you shall reveiw or decide about listed under the section "my activity" on the start page. 

If you have an open idea box and choose to have a categorisation, the experts and the decision makers will need to do a deeper filtering in the idea bank to find the ideas to evaluate / decide about, because experts and decision makers are listed per "box" on the start page, not at the lower level.


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