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Create regulations

Wide Ideas has many smart features designed to help you run your idea and innovation work efficiently and systematically. The larger organization you have, the more important it is with rules, policies and working methods to ensure that the work is carried out in the same way, regardless of who does it. A regulatory framework around the work helps you to create a person-independent workflow and clarity to the employees what actually applies. Examples of parts of the process that we recommend creating a regulatory framework for are:

  • When will employees get feedback on their idea? This can of course differ between challenges and open idea boxes. In the event of a challenge, we recommend that you evaluate and decide on the ideas when the challenge ends and closes. With an open idea box, you need to carry on the work on an ongoing basis and depending on the company culture, acceptable time can be different. In today's digital society, people are used to quick feedback and employees should not wait more than a couple of weeks for feedback.

  • What do the different evaluation criteria in our organization mean? Although you may have chosen familiar words, we have the ability to interpret the words differently. Clarify what is meant by your criteria and how to think when evaluating ideas against them.

  • Clarify the decisions. What can the employee expect and when? What can you promise and what can't you promise? Which activites comes with which decision? Clarify this for the entire organisation to create the right expectations. Tips! Use an information page in Wide Ideas to describe this.

  • What is meant by a person being responsible for an idea? What should the person do and be responsible for? Timeframe for activities?

  • If you send an idea to another department - what will that department be responsible for doing then? Timeframe for activities?

  • If you are assigned to an idea that you feel you cannot handle, what will you be obliged to do?


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