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Welcome to Axlab!

You are part of Axel Johnson – one of Sweden’s strongest groups, always driven forward by a strong will, boldness and renewal. In 2015, we introduced Axlab, our innovation platform, to capture all the good ideas among our employees. We hoped for ten ideas. We got 847. We know that many of these have been implemented in the companies, and when we start Axlab 2018, the goal is obviously to surpass ourselves.

To succeed, we need your help.

The finalists have given brilliant presentations of their ideas before the Dragon’s Den and the Annual Meeting – and the winning idea has been chosen – congratulations to:

“Prisninja – Price Comparison Tool that Strengthens Our Competitiveness”
for Axfood by Valentin Romanov

Out of 470 submitted contributions to this year’s Axlab, a group of experts selected 32 ideas that they considered to have the greatest potential to lead to future customer benefits. These 32 ideas were then reviewed by Axel Johnson’s Group Management, who now selected the following ideas to be presented to Axel Johnson’s Dragon’s Den on April 9 and at Axel Johnson’s Annual Meeting on April 12 – big congratulations to:

  • “A low cost alternative for the beauty customer” for Axel Johnson by Cathrine Wigzell & Emma Klintbo Klingspor
  • “Prisninja – Price Comparison Tool that Strengthens Our Competitiveness” for Axfood by Valentin Romanov
  • “AI for Passage Systems” for RCO by Hirad Asadi
  • “A delightful and more sustainable closet with Å-Rentals and Å-Pre-loved.” for Åhléns by Pattie Suwan
  • “Drop cash queues – pay directly to the seller on the floor via swish” for Åhléns by Emelie Carlsson
  • “Restaurant-in-a-box” for Martin & Servera by Michel Lindahl, Johan Granlund and Pernilla Almgren


We would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s Axlab – all of you who submitted ideas, liked, commented and inspired. We are so grateful for all the commitment you have shown!

The winner of this year’s Axlab will be featured here and on Axel Johnson’s website on April 13.

Again, a big thank you for participating! / The Axlab team

Axlab is a place for renewal in the form of an innovation platform open 48-hours for all employees. Axlab will start on March 7th, 9.00 am and end on March 9th at 9am. Axlab’s initiator is Axel Johnson, supported by the CEO of each group company.

To participate, register here before posting your ideas, either by yourself or with colleagues. Even if you do not present an idea yourself, you can be active by liking, commenting, and promoting the ideas of others. Ideas with the greatest potential are presented before our own Dragon’s Den.

The purpose is to develop ideas that create future customer value. We want to increase our renewal speed and competitiveness with the help of our dedicated employees. You are the one who knows the business best, and through Axlab everyone can influence how our business will develop in the future.

In this brochure
you will meet our chairman Caroline Berg, as well as experts and participants from the previous round of Axlab, telling what has happened since then and what we hope to see in Axlab 2018!

Remember – no idea is too small. Perhaps it is precisely what you are seeing that will take Axel Johnson into the future and your idea that might be realized. The creator of the idea with highest potential will have the opportunity to participate in a fantastic inspirational trip.

And now – let’s join Axlab!


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