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All ideas published in Axlab are owned by Axel Johnson AB.

About Axlab
Axlab is based on the Wide Ideas platform. These terms and conditions describe the information Wide Ideas gather about your use of the service and how this information is used and shared.

What type of information do we gather?

Your activities in Wide Ideas and the information you submit.
When you register as a user in Wide Ideas, you give us your permission to store your name, email address and most recently used IP address, as regulated by the Swedish Personal Data Act (PUL). We also gather other information about your use of the service, e.g. when you create objects or communicate with others. This may include information in or about the content you share, e.g. the location of a photo or the date a new file was created. We gather information about how you use Wide Ideas, e.g. the type of content you display or are involved in, or how often and for how long an activity is conducted.

Others’ activities and the information they provide.
We gather information about others’ use of the service and the information that others share when they use Wide Ideas.

Your network.
We gather information about the people with whom you have contact and how you interact with them, e.g. who you communicate most with.

Information about devices.
We gather information from and about the computers, telephones or other devices from which you use Wide Ideas. This is so we can provide consistent information on all your devices. Here are some examples of the information we gather about devices:

  • Characteristics such as the operating system, hardware version and device settings,
  • The device’s location, including specific geographic locations, e.g. via signals from GPS, Bluetooth or WiFi.
  • Reception information, such as the name of your mobile telephony provider or internet provider, type of browser, language and time zone, mobile phone number and IP address.

How do we use this information?

To provide, improve and develop Wide Ideas.
We are able to provide Wide Ideas and customise its content thanks to this information, because it gives us insight into how you use and interact with the service, as well as about the people and things you cooperate with and are interested in.

We also use the information to understand and ensure that we are developing Wide Ideas in the right direction, as well as for troubleshooting.

Communicate with you.
We use your information to be able to communicate with you and inform you about our rules and terms and conditions. We also use your information to be able to provide you with answers when you contact us.

Promote safety and security.
We use the information we have to be able to verify accounts and activities, and to promote safety and security inside and outside Wide Ideas, e.g. by investigating suspicious activity or violations of our terms and conditions. We work hard to protect your account with the help of expert technicians, automated systems and advanced technology. We also offer security solutions that are easy to use and which further increase your account’s security.

How is this information shared?

People with whom you share and communicate.
All the information you share and communicate in Wide Ideas is available to users who are also invited to use Wide Ideas. If you use Wide Ideas entirely openly, without any security, the information can also be seen and accessed by internet search engines. If your workplace has also chosen to use Wide Ideas’s API, your information may also be accessible through this.

If we have a new owner.
If the ownership rights or control of all or parts of Wide Ideas changes, we may transfer the information about you to the new owner.

Suppliers and other partners.
We transfer information to suppliers and other partners around the world that support our business, e.g. by providing infrastructure services, analysing how our services are used, measuring efficiency, providing customer service, facilitating payments or conducting academic research and surveys. These partners must comply with strict confidentiality requirements in accordance with this data policy and the agreements we sign with them.

How can I manage or delete information about me?

We store data for as long as it is necessary to provide Wide Ideas to you and others, including those described above. The information that is linked to your account is retained as long as Wide Ideas is used by your workplace, even if you or your employer choose to close your account.

How do we respond to legal issues and prevent injury?

We can access, store and share your information as a response to a legal request (e.g. search warrant, court ruling or subpoena) if we in good faith believe that the law requires us to do so. This may include responding to legal requests outside the USA when we in good faith believe that the response is legally required in that jurisdiction, affects users in that jurisdiction and follows internationally recognised standards. We can also access storing and sharing information when we, in good faith, believe it is necessary to: discover, prevent and deal with fraud and other illegal activity, to protect ourselves, you and others, including as part of investigations, or to prevent deaths or the risk of bodily harm. E.g. we may provide information to third party partners about your account’s reliability to prevent fraud and abuse inside and outside our services. Information that we receive about you may be accessed and retained for an extended period of time if it is the object of a legal request or obligation, state investigation or investigations that apply to possible violations of our terms and conditions or guidelines, or in any other way to prevent injury. We may also retain information from accounts that have been deactivated for violation of our terms and conditions for at least one year to prevent repeated abuse or violation of our terms and conditions.

How we inform you about changes to this policy

We will inform you before we make significant changes to our user terms and conditions and give you the opportunity to review the revised version before you continue your use of Wide Ideas.


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