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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do we mean by a customer? A customer is different for different functions. If you work in a store, your end customer is your customer. If you work in a warehouse, maybe it is the store that is your customer. If you work on a staff function, there may be other employees or another company that is your customer.
  • Can I put in an idea for a company other than the one I work for? Yes, you can choose to include one or more ideas for the company you work for or another company within the group. You can also choose to put in an idea that could work for several companies within the Group. Then choose “another” on the menu.
  • What does customer value or customer benefit mean? For example, something that increases the value or benefit of the customer means that it makes life, the day or the purchase a bit better for the customer.
  • How developed should the idea be? It may be at a very early stage and not fully developed and that is fine. The most important thing is that you have an idea that you really believe can increase
    customer and business benefit.
  • How is my idea evaluated? Both the expert group, management team and Dragon’s Den will mainly look at how feasible the idea is, what business potential it has and that it adds something good for the customer. In addition, if it’s innovative and new, you have good chances of getting your idea realized.
  • How do I know if my idea qualified to the Dragon’s Den? On March 21st, the ones whose ideas have qualified to the Dragon’s Den will receive information via the mail. It will also be published on www.axlab.nu.
  • What is expected of me if my idea moves on to the Dragon’s Den? If you proceed, prepare a short (5 min) presentation of your idea to present at the Dragon’s Den. The presentation for the Dragon’s Den takes place on April 9th in Stockholm and for the participants at Axel Johnson’s Annual Meeting on April 12th. If you cannot attend those two dates you can make your presentation on film. Exact time will be announced at the end of March.
  • When is the idea with the highest potential chosen? April 12 at the Axel Johnson Annual Meeting in Stockholm.


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