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Axel Johnson and Renewal

Axel Johnson has changed radically several times since 1873. The company began as a trading business – and remains so today – but over the years the Group’s profile has evolved and focus has shifted to consumer commerce with its technological trading arm still in place. Read more here.

We understand the importance of innovation for success. That is why we have the following goal: In ten years, at least 50 percent of our revenue will derive from activities that currently do not form part of our business.

Our view on innovation is three-fold: 

  1. Innovation occurs every day – in our businesses, by our employees and when we decide that we want to do things a little bit better.
  2. Then there is business development that occurs in and around our companies, when we introduce new brands or Product categories or venture into new markets.
  3. The last part is through acquisitions of new businesses. It is also the major initiatives and future investments that our companies make to improve business.


Axel Johnson attaches great importance to business development in and in connection with the companies. Through group-wide initiatives, such as Axlab, we want to support companies to increase the pace and strength of business development. The goal is to create new, stable revenue streams.


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